Acility’s Award-Winning Integrated Platform Streamlines Facility Maintenance for Everyone

As leaders in the integrated multi-site property management industry, we utilize today’s sophisticated technology to bring ease of access and reduced costs to our clients. Being a national facilities maintenance and management organization, it is imperative that we offer a streamlined process of managing, tracking, and accessing our client’s data.

Our award-winning proprietary platform does just that.

Having a cloud-based integrated platform to manage facilities maintenance means a single point of contact for all parties involved. The Acility team, our affiliates, and our customers can all connect with each other on our proprietary platform and use the data it generates to make informed business decisions which often lead to cost savings.

Wondering what that means? Each of our customers is given access to our mobile platform. We set up a customized user experience based on each customer’s facility needs, types of trades, frequency, etc. Together, with input from our customer, we collaborate with our customers to define business goals and then adapt our platform to optimize our partnership.

The Acility platform becomes a centralized hub from which our customers can track and monitor facility services we perform for them and review pertinent data that is generated. You can even access our platform from your mobile device with a customizable dashboard.

For our customers, this means being able to focus on your core responsibilities of running a business, rather than facility maintenance. Our platform streamlines your work by helping you make intelligent decisions, quickly and confidently, by utilizing the big data available to you. This allows you to stay ahead of the game, making quality improvements and potentially deliver cost-savings based on actionable data.

With the Acility team, affiliates, and you, our customers, being on the same platform, you can be assured of ultimate transparency. Everything you need, your budget, your work orders, analytics, etc. are all accessible through our cloud-based platform. You will be able to view every step of each process in order to ensure we are carrying out your business goals accurately. All services are validated and you can leave your feedback on our performance. And speaking of invoices, you will only get one. No more loads of invoices to track and manage each service for the month; they will all be consolidated into one organized invoice. In addition to this, our platform is scalable, meaning no matter the size of your operation, we can handle it.

Affiliates also share the benefit of transparency and ease of use with this platform, making it simpler for them to quickly and efficiently set-up and adhere to schedules and view specifics on job details and work history. They can even increase their market density to help lower their costs, which in turn, allow us to offer greater savings to our customers.

Its reasons like these that make our integrated platform a must-have for all of us. From fast and customized on-boarding to improved communication and real-time visibility and tracking, the totality of this strategic approach yields savings for everyone.

Interested in learning more about our award-winning platform and how it can reduce your workload and increase your savings? Give us a call to schedule a demo and we’d be happy to show you! 312-948-992