Businesses: What do Your Customers Want?

hand_997394_640As business owners, you have to constantly ask yourself, what do my customers want? This is the fundamental question that propels businesses to exist in the first place; consumers have a need or a want, and it is the responsibility of a business to fill this need. This isn’t a simple, one-answer question though. We all know that satisfying a customer’s needs requires constant maintenance, just like your facility. Getting a customer through the door doesn’t mean that they will become a returning customer, and because of this, extra attention has to be given to the things that will persuade them in either direction. So what do your customers want? Besides fulfilling your service as promised, there are a few key things that every customer wants no matter which establishment they are visiting:

Great Customer Service

If your customers are speaking to you or any member of your facility, they want to be treated well. Whether their need is small or great, all customers want to be warmly greeted, respectfully spoken to, and attentively taken care of. People want a much more personal interaction when doing business these days. This will and should never change, as there is always a competitor who will treat them better if you or your employees don’t.

A Well-Maintained Environment

Let’s face it and just be blunt here, no one likes a dirty facility. You may be pulling through with your number of returning customers for now, but think of all the ones who never come back because of the condition of your facility. Is it well-maintained? Cleaned daily and deep-cleaned regularly, inside and out? Do you immediately control and remedy arising issues or damage? Don’t forget that public (and staff only) restrooms need to be kept clean, well-stocked, and sanitized as well. Customers will happily run in the other direction if they notice you are slacking on facility maintenance. After all, if you can’t handle your facility, how can you possibly handle their business?

Exceptional Customer Experience

Is your facility accommodating for your customer’s needs? Do they have proper space and clear direction for navigating through it? If you are not utilizing the space properly, customers will get frustrated. They expect seamless interactions, and if your space is confusing, cluttered, or not optimized for use, customers will gravitate elsewhere. Of course, these are only a few key necessities in the arduous task of keeping consumers happy, but they are on the top of the list. Low prices can’t compete with exemplary service. Turning these ideas into reality comes from having the right facility maintenance service partner. Sound too easy to be true? Well, it is actually a straight-forward concept that involves the process of project management. By shifting the task of facility maintenance from a store or regional manager to a facility maintenance service provider, the manager is free to focus on the core of their responsibilities; overseeing their employees’ actions and performance and supervising daily tasks and operations. Essentially, using the right facility maintenance partner gives management the freedom to direct and regulate as their position dictates, rather than being burdened with the additional and time-consuming task of maintenance. With management putting their full focus in the appropriate direction, they can stay on top of providing customers with their three important needs listed above and more. It is a pretty simple concept, right? We manage so you can lead. If you want to learn more about how Acility can help you lead, contact us at 312.948.9929.