How To Go Paperless With Your Facility

Acility-Paperless-FacilityWith an increased focus in sustainability, whether it is a facility or an individual, everyone is aiming to maximize their environmental efforts. Not only is this beneficial for the environment, it can prove to be economically advantageous as well. A true win-win scenario, so how can your facility improve its sustainability efforts?

In only the last 20 years, the usage of paper products has increased by 126% which in other words, it went from 92 million tons to 208 million tons. Reducing the use of paper will significantly save monetarily while cutting down on your facility’s carbon footprint. One of the ways an organization can do so is by going paperless! Is that something you never thought of doing? It is a tough but rewarding transition.

Here are a few ways on how your facility can go paperless:

1) Thorough analysis:

Before beginning the transition, conduct a thorough analysis on how much paper is used by your facility and what are its exact uses. From this analysis, opt for software such as a Document Management Software (DMS) that can replace the need for printing and unify your documents.

2) Using statistics:

Transitioning out of paper can be difficult. To encourage your employees, put together statistics of how much time and money your company is saving while undergoing the transition. You can also use environmental statistics to set a positive attitude.

3) Being systematic:

It is more productive for your facility to transition into being paperless one department at a time. Start with the most crucial department that uses the most paper. Once the bigger departments have made the transition, the smaller departments will be easier to execute.

4) Technology:

Going paperless can only be accomplished with aid from technology. Use a DMS process with proper training for all your employees to maximize the usage of online software to avoid using paper for documents. Whether it is creating contracts or making a schedule, there is plenty of software to help with the organization and management of all your paper-work in a way that promotes time management and takes away the stress of manually organizing.

Going paperless will be rewarding for your facility. In today’s age of technology, it is smart to use it as your advantage and automate your facility to increase savings.

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