Total Customer Satisfaction Guide

total-customer- satisfaction-guideThere is no company that can succeed without a strong relationship between employers, employees, and customers. If the employees are satisfied with how they are treated and the conditions they are in, then it will positively affect the customers. Customers satisfaction will increase sales by retaining customers, increasing loyalty and referrals.

Any successful company starts with a chain relationship. It begins with the employer who sets clear expectations, gives feedback, recognizes effort, shows inclusivity and takes time to get to know their employees. It then takes us to the employees and customers. The way an employee is treated is said to have a direct correlation to how the customers are treated.

Recent studies have shown that bad bosses, regardless of the programs a company offers, will not show any employee engagement. However, good bosses tend to have a stronger employee engagement that leads to an increase in revenue and customer satisfaction. Effective leaders are on the pursuit of maintaining a workplace environment where everyone feels comfortable.

No matter where you are in the business chain there are multiple ways to posses qualities of an effective leader. The three qualities listed below will help transform your company to provide satisfying service to both employee and customers.

  • Respect and appreciate employees:

    It is important to remember not all employees work the same way. You must keep an open mind in respecting their working style; hence, employees will respect your area of knowledge. Employees are not just resources but deserve appreciation with a simple “thank you” or due credit to at the appropriate time.

  • Create trust and support:

    A boss who shares great ethics and fairness consistently will provide a secure environment. You must allow your employees to feel confident in the task they perform while you encourage them to succeed.

  • Provide resources to perform job well:

    As you provide guidance and structure to your employees to succeed you have to make sure they are assured in the work they do. By providing these opportunities for them to grow they will become well rounded in the support and respect gained by you.

Strong customer satisfaction on multiple levels within your company will promote a positive culture for your employees and their customers. It is strategic to invest in retaining the clientele that your company spent a lot of resources to obtain.

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