Summertime Care For Your Facility

summertime- care- for- your- facility As you know, summer is considered one of the busiest seasons to maintain your facilities. We know it has been awhile with the harsh winter and rainy spring to repair year long damages- but now is the time for preventive maintenance! Especially with the summer heat and storms there can be damages to your property if the right maintenance isn’t abided by.

Below are a few tips from Acility to consider throughout the summer to maintain your facility in the best condition:

  • Facilities Maintenance:

    Inspect your HVAC System- With the summer weather being so hot we are usually inside sitting in a cold room with the AC turned on. Hence, to enjoy the cool breeze make sure you check on your HVAC system. Especially if it is older it may not be able to keep up with your facility, which can cause a greater cost on your energy bill. Monitor the HVAC system to make sure there are no leaks so your system can keep blowing the cool air while keeping your energy low.
  • Interior Maintenance:

    Locks on doors and windows: This is a great time to check the locks. Go through each door to see if they open, close, and latch properly. You may consider doing this for the windows as well to check if they are secure. Additionally, you may want to check on your screens to make sure there are no holes to keep bugs and insects out.

    Carpet Extraction: Inspect your carpet to see if there are stains or dirt that need to be removed. The winter and rainy season may have taken a toll on your carpet. This is a good time for a nice deep clean before we go back into the cold weather.
  • Exterior Maintenance:

    Landscape: Examine the trees located on your property to see if there are any hanging limbs. Thunderstorms can create a great deal of damage if hanging limbs are present. In addition, be sure to keep your bushes trimmed. Bushes are likely to trap moisture and invite termites to your property.

Properly maintaining and caring for your facility is the key to having a successful business. As the summer promises great weather you are able to actively fix areas that need to be maintained. For additional information and tips regarding interior and exterior maintenance contact us at 312.948.9929.