HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Acility is the master of all trades, and we certainly shine in managing HVAC assets. As we’re in the middle of winter, have you planned your HVAC maintenance work?

Preventative maintenance inspections are usually performed four times a year: two major inspections in late spring and late fall; and two minor inspections, consisting of filter changes in late summer and late winter. When filters are changed, they should be dated with supporting before and after photos of the installation, giving you assurance that the maintenance work was performed.

One complete filter change should be included in each inspection per unit. When cracks in the heat exchange are reported, request photos of the crack to accompany the proposal. Those who do business in colder regions, coil cleanings are needed when the air condition is running – they are usually not included in the PM scope. Using our turn-key solution gives you the peace of mind of having well-maintained HVAC equipment.

Our Role & Benefits

When you partner with our facilities maintenance and asset management program, you are able to enjoy countless benefits, including on-demand and preventative maintenance. At Acility, we care about your assets, and your HVAC equipment is something worth caring about.

If you are you interested in enrolling in our facilities maintenance program or other facilities’ trades, contact us.