HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Acility is the master of all trades, and we certainly shine in managing HVAC assets. As we’re in the middle of winter, have you planned your HVAC maintenance work?

Preventative maintenance inspections are usually performed four times a year: two major inspections in late spring and late fall; and two minor inspections, consisting of filter changes in late summer and late winter. When filters are changed, they should be dated with supporting before and after photos of the installation, giving you assurance that the maintenance work was performed.

One complete filter change should be included in each inspection per unit. When cracks in the heat exchange are reported, request photos of the crack to accompany the proposal. Those who do business in colder regions, coil cleanings are needed when the air condition is running – they are usually not included in the PM scope. Using our turn-key solution gives you the peace of mind of having well-maintained HVAC equipment.

Our Role & Benefits

When you partner with our facilities maintenance and asset management program, you are able to enjoy countless benefits, including on-demand and preventative maintenance. At Acility, we care about your assets, and your HVAC equipment is something worth caring about.

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Landscape Maintenance

Acility provides over 45 maintenance services to assist you with all of your facilities’ needs. As we plan ahead for spring, now is a great time to assess your landscaping requirements.

Our landscaping and exterior maintenance services include recurring services such as: parking lot repair and maintenance, power washing, spring clean-up, mulching, pruning, fertilizer service, irrigation start-ups, and irrigation system audits. Using our turn-key solution gives you the benefit of a well maintained and consistent appearance to your business.

Our Role & Benefits

By contracting our exterior program, you are able to enjoy countless benefits. With our proprietary platform we are able to schedule recurring services while also responding to reactive requests. Our goal is to add value to your property and improve curb appeal to attract customers. We aim to establish a consistent brand look and feel at your multi-site locations.

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Diversity in the Workplace

Here at Acility we fully support supplier diversity. We are certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), which provides opportunities for businesses of diverse backgrounds to connect with each other and corporate members.

Our Part

We believe the best way to enhance communities is through diversity. We play our part in this by ensuring that our affiliates mirror our diverse population of employees and customers. In addition, by providing opportunities to our diverse affiliates we are helping to grow and develop their business, further encouraging that our Network of Service providers reflects the markets we collectively serve.

The Benefits


Encouraging such a diverse workforce brings many benefits, not only to our company, but to the individuals who make it function. Having this belief woven into our company values has helped us achieve overall:

  • An increase in productivity and gain of new perspectives
  • Employees that use their knowledge and experience to relate to customers, providing better service and increased retention rate
  • A workforce with an open mind set
  • The ability to learn from each other’s personal skills, capabilities, and experiences that have allowed them to succeed

Our Supplier Diversity Initiative

Supporting inclusion and equal opportunities is an incredibly important cause to our company culture. Diversity aids economic vitality. It is important that we ensure diverse businesses have an equal opportunity to compete with other suppliers. Through our Supplier Diversity initiative, we focus primarily on disadvantaged businesses, including women and minority-owned businesses.

We recently attended the 2016 NMSDC conference in Chicago, IL. This was our second year at the conference, where we met and mingled with peers, colleagues, and business partners who share a common goal. We always enjoy being surrounded by people who incorporate supplier diversity in their business and strive to bring awareness in the corporate world.

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How to Manage a Multigenerational Workforce

facility-maintenance-serviceThe workforce in today’s era has changed drastically compared to the previous years. Today, we have a variety of employees with different ethnicities, religions, genders, and ages that are united together by the workforce.

Focusing primarily on the multi-generational workforce, we have 4 categories to consider when different age groups are brought together. They are the traditionalists, baby boomers, generation x, and millennials. Frustration and conflicts are bound to occur when these 4 generations are put together, but a benefit is that it can lead to an abundance of creativity.

Below are some suggestions as to how managers are able to unite the multigenerational workforce to make it a success. First, managers need to understand each generation’s backgrounds, perspectives, and challenges that they face in order to keep a positive work environment:

  • Traditionalists

    Traditionalists are the people who range from 70-81 years. They represent 5% of the workforce. Though they have had great work experience and accumulated plenty of knowledge they are stubborn to change. Managers can motivate the traditionalist by showing them that their experience can help the organization as well as reward them with certificates to show that their loyalty and hard work is appreciated.

  • Baby Boomers

    Baby Boomers are the people who range from 55-70 years. They represent 37% of the workforce. Their mentality is to be goal-oriented and have an adaptive sense. However, they are not great at dealing with conflicts so they may have a difficult time reaching the end result. Managers are able to motivate baby boomers by showing them how their focus can benefit the organization by giving them plenty of tasks and to-do lists to accomplish. Managers also encourage them by recognition and promotion.

  • Generation X

    Generation X are the people who range from 34-54 years. They represent 33% of the workforce. Their work mentality is to increase independence and adaptability and change the system in order to create an increase in productivity. Although they may have less respect for authority, managers are able to allow generation x to work on their own schedule, have resources, and the opportunity to grow.

  • Millennials

    Millennials are the people who range from 18-34 years. They represent 25% of the workforce. Since they grew up technology savvy their communication relies solely on technology. Since they are new to the workforce they need guidance and feedback for what they do. They are optimistic and able to multitask between projects. Managers need to reward millennials with tangible rewards to show they are doing well, due to their typical high expectations of recognition and reward.

If a manager is able to recognize the differences between the 4 generations then they are able to determine which engagements will work best to create a positive environment. A manager can recognize what an individual has accomplished and reward them for their work. In addition, create an atmosphere where teamwork is important to give individuals the opportunity to show their strength and work towards a common goal. Lastly, be open to the idea of communicating with your workers about generations to help diminish the stereotypes in the workforce. If you follow these tips above you can confidently encourage multi-generations working in your company.

Acility is a facility management company that works closely with leading, multi-location, blue chip clients to develop customized programs which deliver cost effective solutions.

Summertime Care For Your Facility

summertime- care- for- your- facility As you know, summer is considered one of the busiest seasons to maintain your facilities. We know it has been awhile with the harsh winter and rainy spring to repair year long damages- but now is the time for preventive maintenance! Especially with the summer heat and storms there can be damages to your property if the right maintenance isn’t abided by.

Below are a few tips from Acility to consider throughout the summer to maintain your facility in the best condition:

  • Facilities Maintenance:

    Inspect your HVAC System- With the summer weather being so hot we are usually inside sitting in a cold room with the AC turned on. Hence, to enjoy the cool breeze make sure you check on your HVAC system. Especially if it is older it may not be able to keep up with your facility, which can cause a greater cost on your energy bill. Monitor the HVAC system to make sure there are no leaks so your system can keep blowing the cool air while keeping your energy low.
  • Interior Maintenance:

    Locks on doors and windows: This is a great time to check the locks. Go through each door to see if they open, close, and latch properly. You may consider doing this for the windows as well to check if they are secure. Additionally, you may want to check on your screens to make sure there are no holes to keep bugs and insects out.

    Carpet Extraction: Inspect your carpet to see if there are stains or dirt that need to be removed. The winter and rainy season may have taken a toll on your carpet. This is a good time for a nice deep clean before we go back into the cold weather.
  • Exterior Maintenance:

    Landscape: Examine the trees located on your property to see if there are any hanging limbs. Thunderstorms can create a great deal of damage if hanging limbs are present. In addition, be sure to keep your bushes trimmed. Bushes are likely to trap moisture and invite termites to your property.

Properly maintaining and caring for your facility is the key to having a successful business. As the summer promises great weather you are able to actively fix areas that need to be maintained. For additional information and tips regarding interior and exterior maintenance contact us at 312.948.9929.

Total Customer Satisfaction Guide

total-customer- satisfaction-guideThere is no company that can succeed without a strong relationship between employers, employees, and customers. If the employees are satisfied with how they are treated and the conditions they are in, then it will positively affect the customers. Customers satisfaction will increase sales by retaining customers, increasing loyalty and referrals.

Any successful company starts with a chain relationship. It begins with the employer who sets clear expectations, gives feedback, recognizes effort, shows inclusivity and takes time to get to know their employees. It then takes us to the employees and customers. The way an employee is treated is said to have a direct correlation to how the customers are treated.

Recent studies have shown that bad bosses, regardless of the programs a company offers, will not show any employee engagement. However, good bosses tend to have a stronger employee engagement that leads to an increase in revenue and customer satisfaction. Effective leaders are on the pursuit of maintaining a workplace environment where everyone feels comfortable.

No matter where you are in the business chain there are multiple ways to posses qualities of an effective leader. The three qualities listed below will help transform your company to provide satisfying service to both employee and customers.

  • Respect and appreciate employees:

    It is important to remember not all employees work the same way. You must keep an open mind in respecting their working style; hence, employees will respect your area of knowledge. Employees are not just resources but deserve appreciation with a simple “thank you” or due credit to at the appropriate time.

  • Create trust and support:

    A boss who shares great ethics and fairness consistently will provide a secure environment. You must allow your employees to feel confident in the task they perform while you encourage them to succeed.

  • Provide resources to perform job well:

    As you provide guidance and structure to your employees to succeed you have to make sure they are assured in the work they do. By providing these opportunities for them to grow they will become well rounded in the support and respect gained by you.

Strong customer satisfaction on multiple levels within your company will promote a positive culture for your employees and their customers. It is strategic to invest in retaining the clientele that your company spent a lot of resources to obtain.

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How To Go Paperless With Your Facility

Acility-Paperless-FacilityWith an increased focus in sustainability, whether it is a facility or an individual, everyone is aiming to maximize their environmental efforts. Not only is this beneficial for the environment, it can prove to be economically advantageous as well. A true win-win scenario, so how can your facility improve its sustainability efforts?

In only the last 20 years, the usage of paper products has increased by 126% which in other words, it went from 92 million tons to 208 million tons. Reducing the use of paper will significantly save monetarily while cutting down on your facility’s carbon footprint. One of the ways an organization can do so is by going paperless! Is that something you never thought of doing? It is a tough but rewarding transition.

Here are a few ways on how your facility can go paperless:

1) Thorough analysis:

Before beginning the transition, conduct a thorough analysis on how much paper is used by your facility and what are its exact uses. From this analysis, opt for software such as a Document Management Software (DMS) that can replace the need for printing and unify your documents.

2) Using statistics:

Transitioning out of paper can be difficult. To encourage your employees, put together statistics of how much time and money your company is saving while undergoing the transition. You can also use environmental statistics to set a positive attitude.

3) Being systematic:

It is more productive for your facility to transition into being paperless one department at a time. Start with the most crucial department that uses the most paper. Once the bigger departments have made the transition, the smaller departments will be easier to execute.

4) Technology:

Going paperless can only be accomplished with aid from technology. Use a DMS process with proper training for all your employees to maximize the usage of online software to avoid using paper for documents. Whether it is creating contracts or making a schedule, there is plenty of software to help with the organization and management of all your paper-work in a way that promotes time management and takes away the stress of manually organizing.

Going paperless will be rewarding for your facility. In today’s age of technology, it is smart to use it as your advantage and automate your facility to increase savings.

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A Facility Manager’s Guide to Spring-Cleaning


The sun is shining and the wind-chills are saying goodbye! The never-ending brutal winter is finally coming to an end. While that is great news, there are a few things you need to take care of for your facility. We have all heard of the glorious term “spring-cleaning”. You might have heard that in the context of cleaning your house, your wardrobe, or even clean eating, but here, we are referring to spring cleaning your facility.

  1. HVAC Cleaning
    With the beautiful weather of spring comes a subtle wave of allergies. One way to prevent allergies is to eliminate the hidden allergens such as mold, dust, or other materials from your HVAC equipment. In addition to cleaning out the air filters, these particles are deeply engrained in the equipment which requires a more thorough cleaning. HVAC cleaning can also result in duct cleaning as the particles can go as deep as the ducts. Duct cleaning will further prevent contamination of air supply caused by any insects living in the ducts.
  2. Landscaping
    After the harshness of the winter, the greens around your building could definitely use some loving and care. They might also require core aeration and fertilization after removing the debris, a result of winter. You can also use the weather to your benefit and plant some new vegetation to give your landscape a fresh look. Remember, those first impressions can make a big difference!
  3. Floors & Carpets
    From snow stains to mud marks, your carpet has been through a lot over the long winter. It is highly recommended to deep carpet clean to prevent any long-term stains or damage which in turn will increase the lifespan of your flooring.
  4. Restroom & Office:
    With spring comes its fair share of dust and pollens. Spring-cleaning is a great time for deep cleaning that focuses on sanitization, high dusting, and fixture cleaning. Areas like the restrooms and office that have a higher traffic volume require special attention to keep clean regularly and most certainly need a good deep cleaning after winter to ensure all of that cold-weather bacterium is eliminated.

The upkeep and care of your facility is a key player in the success of your business. As spring is about fresh beginnings, this is a great time to make sure you are giving your facility the attention it needs. For deep spring-cleaning, it is highly recommended to leave these jobs for professionals who are equipped with the right tools to effectively carry out the tasks. For additional information and tips regarding interior facility maintenance contact us 312.948.9929.

Businesses: What do Your Customers Want?

hand_997394_640As business owners, you have to constantly ask yourself, what do my customers want? This is the fundamental question that propels businesses to exist in the first place; consumers have a need or a want, and it is the responsibility of a business to fill this need. This isn’t a simple, one-answer question though. We all know that satisfying a customer’s needs requires constant maintenance, just like your facility. Getting a customer through the door doesn’t mean that they will become a returning customer, and because of this, extra attention has to be given to the things that will persuade them in either direction. So what do your customers want? Besides fulfilling your service as promised, there are a few key things that every customer wants no matter which establishment they are visiting:

Great Customer Service

If your customers are speaking to you or any member of your facility, they want to be treated well. Whether their need is small or great, all customers want to be warmly greeted, respectfully spoken to, and attentively taken care of. People want a much more personal interaction when doing business these days. This will and should never change, as there is always a competitor who will treat them better if you or your employees don’t.

A Well-Maintained Environment

Let’s face it and just be blunt here, no one likes a dirty facility. You may be pulling through with your number of returning customers for now, but think of all the ones who never come back because of the condition of your facility. Is it well-maintained? Cleaned daily and deep-cleaned regularly, inside and out? Do you immediately control and remedy arising issues or damage? Don’t forget that public (and staff only) restrooms need to be kept clean, well-stocked, and sanitized as well. Customers will happily run in the other direction if they notice you are slacking on facility maintenance. After all, if you can’t handle your facility, how can you possibly handle their business?

Exceptional Customer Experience

Is your facility accommodating for your customer’s needs? Do they have proper space and clear direction for navigating through it? If you are not utilizing the space properly, customers will get frustrated. They expect seamless interactions, and if your space is confusing, cluttered, or not optimized for use, customers will gravitate elsewhere. Of course, these are only a few key necessities in the arduous task of keeping consumers happy, but they are on the top of the list. Low prices can’t compete with exemplary service. Turning these ideas into reality comes from having the right facility maintenance service partner. Sound too easy to be true? Well, it is actually a straight-forward concept that involves the process of project management. By shifting the task of facility maintenance from a store or regional manager to a facility maintenance service provider, the manager is free to focus on the core of their responsibilities; overseeing their employees’ actions and performance and supervising daily tasks and operations. Essentially, using the right facility maintenance partner gives management the freedom to direct and regulate as their position dictates, rather than being burdened with the additional and time-consuming task of maintenance. With management putting their full focus in the appropriate direction, they can stay on top of providing customers with their three important needs listed above and more. It is a pretty simple concept, right? We manage so you can lead. If you want to learn more about how Acility can help you lead, contact us at 312.948.9929.

Acility’s Award-Winning Integrated Platform Streamlines Facility Maintenance for Everyone

As leaders in the integrated multi-site property management industry, we utilize today’s sophisticated technology to bring ease of access and reduced costs to our clients. Being a national facilities maintenance and management organization, it is imperative that we offer a streamlined process of managing, tracking, and accessing our client’s data.

Our award-winning proprietary platform does just that.

Having a cloud-based integrated platform to manage facilities maintenance means a single point of contact for all parties involved. The Acility team, our affiliates, and our customers can all connect with each other on our proprietary platform and use the data it generates to make informed business decisions which often lead to cost savings.

Wondering what that means? Each of our customers is given access to our mobile platform. We set up a customized user experience based on each customer’s facility needs, types of trades, frequency, etc. Together, with input from our customer, we collaborate with our customers to define business goals and then adapt our platform to optimize our partnership.

The Acility platform becomes a centralized hub from which our customers can track and monitor facility services we perform for them and review pertinent data that is generated. You can even access our platform from your mobile device with a customizable dashboard.

For our customers, this means being able to focus on your core responsibilities of running a business, rather than facility maintenance. Our platform streamlines your work by helping you make intelligent decisions, quickly and confidently, by utilizing the big data available to you. This allows you to stay ahead of the game, making quality improvements and potentially deliver cost-savings based on actionable data.

With the Acility team, affiliates, and you, our customers, being on the same platform, you can be assured of ultimate transparency. Everything you need, your budget, your work orders, analytics, etc. are all accessible through our cloud-based platform. You will be able to view every step of each process in order to ensure we are carrying out your business goals accurately. All services are validated and you can leave your feedback on our performance. And speaking of invoices, you will only get one. No more loads of invoices to track and manage each service for the month; they will all be consolidated into one organized invoice. In addition to this, our platform is scalable, meaning no matter the size of your operation, we can handle it.

Affiliates also share the benefit of transparency and ease of use with this platform, making it simpler for them to quickly and efficiently set-up and adhere to schedules and view specifics on job details and work history. They can even increase their market density to help lower their costs, which in turn, allow us to offer greater savings to our customers.

Its reasons like these that make our integrated platform a must-have for all of us. From fast and customized on-boarding to improved communication and real-time visibility and tracking, the totality of this strategic approach yields savings for everyone.

Interested in learning more about our award-winning platform and how it can reduce your workload and increase your savings? Give us a call to schedule a demo and we’d be happy to show you! 312-948-992