Why You Should Be Using an Integrated Facilities Maintenance Service Partner

Business owners have a lot on their plate. Starting a company and ensuring it succeeds is not an easy task. There are employees to manage, finances to budget, operations to oversee, and customers or clients to please, and these are only a few pieces of a very complex pie.

Another vital part to business ownership or management is maintaining your facility. Whether you have a small, single location or a national franchise, having an integrated facilities maintenance service partner ensures that your business is taken care of with efficiency and cost-effective solutions.

But you didn’t start your company to spend time maintaining the facility, did you? Doubtful, but like it or not, it is a necessary task, and one that some business owners may not think of right away.

Surely, you wouldn’t live in a home that was never cleaned. The same goes for a business. Someone needs to be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the exterior of the building and the grounds, interior cleaning and repair, and asset management. And if these things are neglected, you will see it in your customer retention.

Facility maintenance is not a simple trade. It requires trained, expert knowledge and specialized equipment. More and more companies are outsourcing their facilities maintenance to the professionals these days for this very reason. But there are plenty of other reasons that contribute to the need for integrated facilities maintenance service partner.

FOCUS ON AND ENHANCE YOUR CORE BUSINESS: As we mentioned above, you likely didn’t start your business to maintain the facility. When you outsource your facility maintenance, you are free to turn your attention to where it is needed most, providing or producing a product or service. By using a partner who is integrated, you are also consolidating all of your outsourced work to one provider, making your life simpler with one single point of contact. For example, Acility’s integrated, cloud-based platform connects clients, affiliates, operations managers, and service experts all on one system. Data is constantly updated to give you the most current information on all of your locations in real time. From this platform, you can view, track, and manage all of your facilities maintenance work, leaving you to do what you do best-run your business.

REDUCE TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP WITH BUYING POWER DENSITY: Choosing the appropriate partner is key. The right facilities maintenance partner will have good connections with their affiliates, providing them with an adequate work partnership that increases their productivity and revenue. In turn, the affiliates are able to offer the facilities maintenance partner preferred pricing that can be passed down to their clients.

 INCREASE CUSTOMER/CLIENT SATISFACTION: Using an integrated facilities maintenance service partner will not only help your business operate better, it will also provide a better and more satisfying experience for your customers or clients. Everyone wins from this partnership. Facilities are kept clean and in prime shape for customers, ensuring that they see and feel their importance and the care taken to offer them a pleasant experience. No one wants to visit a place of business that is not well maintained, externally and internally. Keeping facilities clear of garbage and debris, and making sure the inside is cleaned, dusted, and bathrooms are stocked and sanitized is the best way to keep your customers returning. This also shows them that you take pride in your establishment and value it’s upkeep, which can often be a sign of how you will run your business.

ACCESS TO INNOVATIVE SERVICES: When using a facilities maintenance partner, you have access to innovative services that might not otherwise be available or affordable for you. Integrated facilities maintenance partners can play major roles in a business’s overall business strategy by providing cost savings and return on investment. Integrated computer systems can be used to track operations, which in turn provide information on reducing operating costs, maximizing asset life, measuring effectiveness, and pinpointing opportunities. Other innovative services include environmentally friendly products, building efficiency, and planned maintenance.

EXPERT CONSULTANTS ON HAND: Perhaps one of the simplest and yet most beneficial reasons to be using an integrated facilities maintenance service partner is having them on hand as expert consultants. Not all service partners may provide this, but the best ones will be there to offer you several alternative solutions and guide you in making the most appropriate decisions for your business goals. Look for a company that offers 24/7 customer service. At Acility, we have a 24/7 operational center ready with subject matter experts to assist you whether you need an emergency repair or routine maintenance. Having experts available to solve customer issues is worth its weight in gold.

Everyone values things differently, but as business owners, you must put the value of maintaining your facility high on your list of priorities. Customers, building inspectors, and code officials won’t care about the service or product you are providing if you are doing it in an unkempt facility. Trying to maintain this in-house can be overwhelming to manage and may not provide the best results. The benefits of using an integrated facilities maintenance service partner are numerous and can be a great return on investment and gives you access to expert guidance just a phone call away. If you are still on the fence about whether you should outsource to an integrated facilities maintenance partner, consider the effect of losing even a small percentage of your customers due to dissatisfying maintenance. Is the loss worth it?

The Promise of an Improved Service

We understand that facility maintenance services can mean many different things to different clients. To a client in Minnesota it might mean snow removal in their parking lot every morning; for a client in Texas it may be complete asset management and analytics.

But what we want you to know is that to us at Acility, it means the promise of an improved service.  

As facilities management service providers, we have an obvious task: providing our clients with top-notch services from our expert affiliates. It’s the not-so-obvious tasks, however, that we are talking about today.

The choice to place the ongoing maintenance of a facility into the hands of another company should not be taken lightly. After all, it’s not only the facility’s management that needs to be impressed, but their clients and customers as well. To provide this level of satisfaction, we believe it takes more than a service.

For our clients, it begins with an understanding. Each client has unique needs and for us, evaluating and understanding those needs is the first step in developing the most beneficial solution for them. Once we have a solid understanding, we use this knowledge to work with our client’s to create a customized service program.

While services are scheduled and carried out by our industry-expert partners, we continue to work behind the scenes. We have an outstanding fully integrated technology platform that streamlines the entire process, from scheduling and invoicing to real-time visibility and analytics. The technology does the heavy lifting allowing us to be available for 24/7 support and consultation.

What this means for the clients is a one-stop-shop for all of their facility maintenance needs. We don’t just provide the expertise, we provide the know-how and the advice needed to maintain productive growth as industries change and evolve.

It’s in this way that we strive to offer an improved service to our clients, going above and beyond their expectations.  A return on investment is necessary for any business venture to succeed, and as facilities management service providers to our clients, we become a part of that venture. By offering them a totally outsourced solution, we ensure that their return will be well worth it.