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Our Commitment to
Diversity and Inclusion

Our vibrant culture embraces diversity and inclusion as business imperatives. This spirit of inclusiveness is woven into our strong,values-based culture that we believe gives us an advantage.

We understand that we succeed through people—those who skill fully create and deliver the products and services that distinguish us from our competitors.

We know our employees have lives outside of work and we are committed to helping them succeed both professionally and personally. We do this through business-based flexible work arrangements, best-in-class work/life and wellness services, competitive compensation and benefits, state-of-the-art learning and development initiatives, and leading-edge technology that supports innovation.

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Our people bring to our community the same qualities they bring to their professional work: excellence, innovation, energy, integrity, and an appreciation of both the big picture and the importance of every individual.


To this, Acility is proud to support Teen Living Programs. TLP is a non-profit organization that assists Chicago’s most vulnerable young people.

For nearly 40 years, TLP has helped 14-24 year olds who are experiencing homelessness; and offers comprehensive, year-round services to address everything from emergency needs and housing to education, job readiness, and embracing a healthy lifestyle.

To donate, please visit https://www.tlpchicago.org/get-involved/donate/.


Our business strategies fully consider, respect and reach out to diverse consumers and communities. Our goal is to partner with them to meet their current needs, support their dreams and build their futures. And we recognize that individual characteristics represent a mosaic of opportunities for Acility.

We hold ourselves, our management team and all employees accountable for promoting an environment that values these differences and capitalizes on these opportunities for the ultimate benefit of our customers, shareholders and employees.

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At Acility, we constantly look to enhance diversity among our affiliates. We firmly believe our affiliate base should mirror our customer and employee populations. That is why we work diligently to provide opportunities for diverse suppliers to develop and grow their businesses.

We also believe that by supporting the growth of these businesses, we are contributing to the economic vitality of the country. To this end, we strive to give businesses of diverse ownership an equal opportunity to compete with all other suppliers.

Our Supplier Diversity initiative, which focuses on disadvantaged businesses including women- and minority-owned businesses, isthe major driver behind Acility’s efforts to bring about diversity awareness and opportunities within our affiliate network.

Supplier Diversity Inquiries:

Interested in becoming an Acility affiliate?
  1. Complete our on-line form
  2. Fax or email a copy of your certification from NMSDC or WBENC
  3. Send your company information (pamphlet, brochure, presentation)
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